About Us

Many of us leave our home with a dream to become a successful scientist. We try to find the best possible laboratory of our interest and are ready to even leave our home country for our career. But do we really know what awaits us when we are offered a Ph.D or Postdoc position after months of struggle? Of course, if you are lucky, you land up in a lab with a good working atmosphere, a boss with good funding and interest in science. But there is more to science and if unluckily you end in a bad lab with no funding or no scientific guidance, or colleagues who do not talk to each other, the whole experience can ruin your outlook towards science. This website is here to protect our colleagues from such an experience by honestly sharing what we faced or enjoyed. Wouldn’t it be great to contribute your views about any laboratory where you have spent an important part of your training like Ph.D, Postdoc or Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis and practical courses?

We all know that when we apply for a new laboratory, we are asked to provide referees who can tell about our scientific approach and ability. In the same way, it will be really really helpful if we also have something like this for the scientist we are applying to, so we can judge whether we will fit in there and whether or not it is really a good lab to go. This website also offers you a search option to find your potential future lab to know the real inside story.